Nokia N82

Nokia n82

Nokia N82 price in Bangladesh

Starting price 24,000TK

Full Specifications

Main Features
Display 2.4 inches TFT
Rear Camera 5 MP
Front Camera No
Battery 1050 mAh
112 x 50.2 x 17.3 mm, 90 cc (4.41 x 1.98 x 0.68 in)
114 g
Silver, Black
Size 2.4 inches
240 x 320 pixels
Pixel Density
167 ppi
Aspect Ratio
4:3 ratio
Main Camera
5 MP
Features Carl Zeiss optics, xenon flash
Video Recording 480p@30fps
External Card slot
microSDHC (dedicated slot), 2 GB included
Os Symbian OS 9.2, S60 rel. 3.1
CPU 332 MHz Dual ARM 11
3D Graphics HW Accelerator
Technology GSM / HSPA
Supported Networks 2G/✅ 3G/
Voice 70dB / Noise 61dB / Ring 65dB
Audio quality
Noise -81.6dB / Crosstalk -69.3dB
Battery Type
Li-Ion, removable
Battery Capacity
1050 mAh
Standby Time
Up to 225 h (2G) / 216 h (3G)
Talk-Time Up to 4 h 20 min (2G) / 3 h 10 min (3G)

Nokia N82 price in Bangladesh

The price of a Nokia N82 in Bangladesh can vary depending on the condition of the phone, whether it is new or used, and where you buy it from. However, you can expect to pay around 24,000 TK for a used Nokia N82 in good condition.

Nokia n82

Nokia N82 highlight features

The Nokia N82 was a high-end smartphone released in November 2007. It was one of the first phones to feature a 5-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, and it was considered to be one of the best camera phones on the market at the time. It also had a number of other features that were ahead of its time, such as a GPS receiver, a microSD card slot, and a video recorder.

The N82 was powered by a Symbian OS operating system, which was the most popular smartphone operating system at the time. However, Symbian OS was eventually surpassed by Android and iOS, and the N82 became obsolete.

5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash: The N82’s camera was one of the best on the market at the time, and it could capture photos and videos in up to DVD-like quality. It also had a Xenon flash, which was rare for a phone at the time.

Geotagging: The N82 could automatically geotag photos with the location where they were taken, making it easy to share them on social media or track your travels.

A-GPS: The N82 had built-in A-GPS, which made it faster and easier to get a GPS fix than with traditional GPS.

Symbian OS: The N82 ran on Symbian OS, which was a popular mobile operating system at the time. Symbian OS was known for its stability and wide range of features.

Expandable storage: The N82 had a microSD card slot, which allowed you to expand the storage capacity of the phone. This was important, as the phone only had 16GB of internal storage.

Music player: The N82 had a built-in music player that supported a variety of audio formats. It also had a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you could connect your own headphones.

Video player: The N82 could play back videos in a variety of formats, including MP4 and H.264.

Web browser: The N82 had a web browser that could access the full internet. However, the web browser was not as fast or as user-friendly as modern web browsers.

Overall, the Nokia N82 was a powerful and versatile multimedia computer that was ahead of its time in many ways. However, it is important to remember that it was released in 2007, and there are now much more powerful and feature-rich phones available.

Is the Nokia N82 for you today?

In all honesty, probably not. Its outdated software, limited resources, and lack of modern features make it impractical for everyday use. However, for tech enthusiasts and collectors, the N82 remains a valuable piece of mobile history, a reminder of a time when Nokia reigned supreme in the camera phone arena.


  • Excellent camera
  • Expandable storage
  • Good music player
  • Durable build quality


  • Outdated software
  • Short battery life
  • Small display


The Nokia N82 was a great phone for its era, but it’s no longer a viable daily driver in 2024. Its strengths lie in its camera and multimedia capabilities, which were impressive for its time, but its outdated technology, small screen, and slow performance make it impractical for modern use. Consider it a piece of mobile history rather than a relevant option for today’s users.


When was the Nokia N82 released?

It was announced in November 2007.

What operating system did it run?

Symbian OS 9.2.

What were its key features?

5MP camera with Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics, 2.4-inch display, expandable storage, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity.

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